10 steps for a perfectly on page optimized page

10 steps for a perfectly on page optimized page

1. Optimize Tags

2. Keep focus keyword in title tag. <title>focus keyword</title>
3. Focus keywords will be in the meta-description and other keywords will also be present.
4. Focus keyword could be used with other modifiers to target more keyword on a page.
5. Minify CSS, and JS.
6.Optimize image alt tag.
7. Have some internal links 
8. Have some external links 
9. Use info-graphics, videos and a little humorous content for more engagement of people on the website.
10. Add tags and keyword in custom Header.

I am sure if you will implement all the 10 steps in your blog or new post you will definitely have a kick start against other competitor of yours.

These small steps make Seo More powerful and help you reach your potential clients.

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