Content Writing Services

Content writing is a form of online writing, i.e. writing a content to display on the website which is used to promote or sell the product. Content writing essentially done for the SEO marketing campaigns to make your website content helpful and engaging for the readers.
The aim of Content Writing:
Website content writing is much different from print media writing for books, essays and newspapers.
It aims at the two main things: relevance and Search-ability.

  • 1. Relevance related to the process of creating a website text which is both useful and beneficial to the readers.
  • 2. Search Ability is the process of adding some researched keywords or phrases which helps the search engines to direct the searchers to the website and meeting all the search criteria.

Forms of Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services are done in many ways and for various purposes depending upon the business goal.

The most common and important forms are:

  • SEO Content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Communication and Marketing Writing
  • Copywriting Services
  • Press Release Writing
  • Feature Writing Services
  • Publication Based and Editorial Writing
  • Research and Report Writing
  • Writing on Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR

SEO content Writing

Content Writing plays a very important role in search engine optimization. About 85% to 90% portion of SEO is affected by the type of content. If the content is useful and unique, then your site automatically rank up but if the content is duplicate or boring, it affects it adversely.
The SEO content writing is done by two teams’ formal is Content writers team and latter is SEO team. The SEO professionals researched the most widely used Keywords and transfer it to the content writers. The content writers’ team use those relevant keywords to write Articles, blogs, descriptions, and so on.

Qualities of SEO content writer

  • Should be focused to write an informative content web content.
  • Should avoid all the grammatical mistakes and maintain the originality of the write-ups
  • Should possess the ability to complete the task in a given period.

Technical Writing

Technical content writing is needed in various fields relating to technology such as engineering, chemistry, computer software and hardware, consumer electronics, robotics, and so on. These writing are generally used for creating technical modules, admin manuals, help files, technical reports or user documents, technical literature, etc

Qualities of Technical Content Writers

  • Should possess the knowledge of technology
  • Should be eager about learning new things related to technology.
Content Writing Services

Business Writing

Business writing has very vast growth in the field of content writing. Business writings are generally used for writing the memos, official emails, concept papers, summaries and request for proposals (REF), sales proposals, etc. Business content writers possess the knowledge of business analysis and development to write effective proposals for the businesses. This type of writing can increase your position in the office after a few years only

Qualities of Business content writers

  • Should possess the understanding of Business analysis and development
  • Should complete the business writing in the significant period of time.

Communication and Marketing Writing

This type of content writing focus on improving the content marketing. Communication and marketing writing needs the expertise to develop a great write-ups because marketing works on the idea to advertise the particular product and conclude to sell it. The advertisement needs the content of descriptive nature. This type of content writing is used for the most challenging type of content writing such as social media content, e-books, newsletters, Articles, blogs, internal & external communications, email content campaign, audio & video content, marketing collectors like flyers, brochures, etc

Qualities of Communication and Marketing writers

  • Should possess the ability to develop an engaging content
  • Should be interested in marketing processes
  • Should be creative enough to resolve the marketing challenges.
Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Copywriting Services

This type of content writing is the most interested one. As a copywriter, you have to use all your unique ideas to achieve the audience to your script. You have to become the expert on your Creativity. Copywriting is the most popular and competitive field in itself.
Copywriters have to create the most delightful rhymes that wonderfully sound on our radio and television. To write compelling slogans for the banners, flyers, newspaper advertisements, billboards. The job of the copywriter is to create unique ideas and convert them into reality

Qualities of Web Copywriter

  • Should possess the ability to generate creative ideas
  • Should possess the never-ending vocabulary of immortal words

Press Release writing

Press release writing is preferably used to aware the customer about the new product or developments. Updating the audience about the launch of the new company, expanding of business, signing new mergers, for marketing deal or about organizing an event. In digital media, the press release also plays an important role for small, medium and large businesses to focus on sales and marketing by the relevant content.

Qualities of Press Release writer

  • Should have the understanding about the Press release, its format and requirements.
Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Feature Writing Services

 Feature writing is itself a unique kind of writing in which the focus of the writer on its surrounding live plays a major role. The Feature writer observes every point of people live around him and create an attractive story of every moment. Feature writing comprises the portion which fills the columns in print and digital space, these are possibly short stories, satires, poems, and features on food, people lifestyles, and their habits and so on. The feature writer can also generate an interesting blog on the blog site about the travel, festival, lifestyles, seasonal clothing, personal care tips etc

Qualities of Feature Writer

  • The most important thing to be needed by the feature writer is to observe the surroundings minutely and creatively weave an interesting story

Publication Based and Editorial Writing

With the increase of digitalization, everything is getting digitalized even the course books of the colleges and schools. Thus, the job of editorial writers is also in demand. It is necessary to update the online versions of books and modules, so the readers also get the latest updates. The writers of this field are generally indulged in writing books and modules of schools and colleges. They also have to advance their writing versions suitable for all the operating systems such as for all the windows, Android or Apple phones or any other digital device

Qualities of Editorial Writers

  • The professionals should have the understanding of the college curriculum and syllabus of schools or colleges.
  • Should need to update the online content time to time
Content Writing Services

Research and Report Writing

The research writing is one in which the writer has to research on the particular topic from online as well as offline sources and presenting it to the audiences as a format of belief. There are many agencies which researched different industries and update their useful date online. The reports generally are very descriptive with the extraordinarily superb content. The Report writing should be very effective in such a manner to leave a great impression on the audience mind

Qualities of Report writer

  • Should possess the ability to complete the task of both research and writing with time
  • Necessary to develop a report based on true facts
Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Writing on Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR

The content writing also plays a major role in CSR activities or Corporate Social Responsibilities. The CSR literature is based on the activities about helping the local communities surrounding the business area. The CSR writers generate blogs, reports and several other means of communication to indulges as many as employees for serving the local people.

Qualities of CSR writers

  • Should possess the capability to generate a convenient means of communication
  • The reports or generated blogs should be very effective and be encouraging so that the employees vigorously take part in the CSR activities

Tips for writing good quality content

1.  Always start your content with researched keywords which makes it easier for the search engines to discover your content for the individual topic.
2. Avoid keyword stuffing. Adding a keyword to your content is suitable to rank your website and to be crawled easily by the search engines but repeatedly keyword filling results in affecting the website adversely.
3. Keep content in Action: for creating a better content with higher attracting value, you should follow these major rules –

  • Practice less or no possibility of the Passive voice.
  • Try hard to create your content effective and interesting with new and unique verbs to highlights the action.

4. A good quality content should be divided into simpler paragraphs of not more than 3-4 sentences or lines.
5. Avoid the similar appealing terminology for the simple words.
E.g. using $5 words – round spherical playing object
For the same; 10 cents word – Football.
Obvious right! But most of the writers use these kinds of words to increase their content length.
6. Never re-read your own written content on the same day. The reason behind this technique is that your mind has already reminded all the words, you used. Therefore, your mind fills all the gap automatically where you’re mistaken.

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Importance of Content Writing

Better Search Engine Optimization results

Good Quality of content creates its own value and the keywords added to the content makes it relevant and useful to be directed by the search engines.

Improved Web ROI

An investment in creating a high-quality content is the future returns of the website. Because content with good quality knows better, how to attract the audience in the crowd.

Conversion of customers from the users

A high-quality content create the value of its product into searchers mind and makes them eager to use the product

Convey your message to the customer

An investment in creating a high-quality content is the future returns of the website because content with good quality knows better, how to attract the audience in the crowd.

Generate back to your website

Sometimes, you pay to link back to your website or blogs but with a superior quality of content, they link your website or blogs on their own because they appreciate what you're publishing

Website Authorization for Individual Topic

A quality content has its own value to rank up your website, to drive searchers and google engines makes your site an authority for the individual topic.

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