Google-Analytics Tracking Software

Google analytics tracking software is a premium software given by the Google company to track the visitors on the website. It has been very useful for small businesses for traffic tracking and maintaining audience record.

This tracking software offers you premium option free from google. This analytics tracking software is able to tell you that how many users are visiting your website daily, weekly and a full calendar option is there for making the online traffic timeline.

This is how a Google analytics Code look like

Header.php file for inserting Google analytics Code and to Install Google anlaytics

Google Analytics Code & How to install google analytics on your website

Google-analytics code is a java script code which help us to install google-analytics on our website. This code is very important to install google-analytics on our website without this code we cannot install google-analytics. this java script code has to be installed on all the pages of the website. So to reduce this complexity of installing google-analytics code on every page we use to put this java script code in the head tag of the header of the website:-

For WordPress:- It could be installed in header.php

For Html:- It could be installed in head.html or header .html.

Where do you get this Google Analytics code ?

Well you have to make an account for Google-analytics dashboard with your Gmail account and then have to add your website as a property over there.

Then it will generate a Java Script code to install google analytics on your website properly.

After inserting this code in your header you have to verify the same in the google-analytics dashboard.

Yep! that is it. You are all set to track your website.

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This pictures shows you how google-analytics shows the overview of traffic graphs.

Different Metrics and Values shown by the Google Analytics dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google-Analytics dashboard is a super U/I for doing the essential operation of traffic tracking. It can show you real time traffic and historical traffic and helps in possible tracking of a digital marketing plan. 

This analytics dashboard have options of like Real time traffic check, Audiences, Acquisitions, demographic analysis. You can also check what was the source of the traffic generation. It is easy to know that, was your traffic organic, direct or referral with the help of analytics dashboard.

This analytics dashboard shows you the overview of traffic timeline ever since you have installed the google tag manager on your website and thus have verified your website on the google analytics tracking software. So you can check how many visitors were there on your website on January , February and so on. 

Google-analytics dashboard have different metrics of Users sessions and Average time of sessions. It also tells you the bounce rate of the users. This dashboard is a crucial part of a perfect digital marketing campaign monitoring.

Track your Growth, Monitor your strategy With Google Analytics dashboard

Google Analytics Make Audience tracking super easy

Google Analytics Report generation

With analytics report generation feature you can generate different types of reports for monitoring your progress of Digital marketing campaigns. A successful digital marketing campaign needs proper monitoring and reporting for each month. This analytics report featuring tool offers you great feature and metrics generation and you can draft accurate and timely record of your audience and thus can know which strategy is working for search engine optimization and other digital marketing activities. Whether you need demographics report, source of traffic data, Country data you are all set to go and generate with this amazing feature of google analytics report generation tool.

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