SEarch engine Marketing

Enhance the most Powerful Paid Technique (Search Engine Marketing) To get exponential growth.

What can Search Engine Marketing do for you

More Targeted Traffic

Search engine marketing helps you out to get more inbound traffic by directing the visitors to you website.

More click trough

Consistent Ad posting and using powerful description will help you create more brand awareness.

Improves SEO Rankings

Using Keywords in your Ads will help you increase traffic for a better SEO performance.

search engine marketing push Revenue Generation

Search engine marketing has a main aim towards revenue generation. When you are new and Do not have much organic result, paid ads would be you perfect call for generating result driven conversion and traffic as you can take the same keyword for which your competitors are ranking. You can steal their traffic if you have great bucks in your profit


Here in this image is beating the organic result of Big players like Myntra and reliance trends because of paid ads.

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of work was unmatched by the quality of service we have ever got in social media optimization. We wish we can keep the standard up with them of our campaign. Thanks for making the campaign unforgettable one.
The Big Churn

How Google Analytic helps?

Traffic Analysis is the crucial part of any paid marketing . What type of keywords you are ranking for, what kind of  traffic are on those keywords. We make ads and then they run on search engine. Google analytics also help us on finding proper keyword analysis by their keyword planner tools. the keyword planner toll shows you the exact no. of people looking out for such keywords.

So with the help of google analytics tool you can find out the average bid rate of particular keywords and can then start targeting those keywords and start you PPC campaign for getting an extra push to your growth.


Have a tap on your Audience

With the help of google analytics or any paid campaign analytics you can have a tap on your audience. You can know what number of people are searching out for particular keywords for which you are spending your money. Then you can  also know what kind of keywords are working better for you. The next step would be to spend your ads budget on the keywords which are providing you more conversions.

Know Search Engine Marketing

SEM is  an abbreviation for search engine marketing. It could be any paid marketing which involve google ad words, Bing ad words an other big players. So it is  paid marketing and much beneficial for new startup businesses and eCommerce websites.

  • Keyword Analysis  according to relevancy and budget.
  • Bidding on those keywords according to your budget.
  • long tail keywords are your best bets.

Search engine marketing is powerful strategy of paid marketing to get more visitors on your web portal. It is so powerful that you can beat big competitors in your industry with its help. The only catch is that you should have better product and service portfolio or catalog to compete with your  

  • Effective engagement of Client/ followers
  • Increase in brand awareness.
  •  Enhance lead generation and builds pipeline.

Advantage of search  engine marketing are numerous in number. First thing first if you are on a very tight budget then forget about beating the competition up. The big players in your industry have invested a lot in SEO and targeted marketing. So it will take you forever to beat your competitors organically. On the other hand if your have a big buck pocket you can give your competitor a real hard time by bidding high on the keywords they are tracking.

  • Specific Lead generation.
  • Targeted client and growth in sales
  • Hard time to competition
  • Better Seo result by improvement of Bounce rate.

Bidding and Monitoring :- The key Elements

Process of Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

set your goals


Set your Budget

Select Keywords According to the budget

Start with small spending and analyze the result

Invest on keyword which are working for you better

Make stunning website where the Ad link is redirecting

Followup with clients by engaging them with forms\

Revise and Conquer

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