SEO Stats and Site Analysis

Seo stats and site analysis starts with successful competitor analysis

Statistics of SEO Analysis​

SEO Stats and Site Analysis

SEO stats and Site Analysis is Vital for Online business and private ventures  . A great deal of time and vitality is applied to organize a website, content writing and providing an SEO plan to best results. On the off chance, if we are able to perform as designed and still discover that our site is not ranking, then it’s come to understand the competitors’ SEO for the targeting of focus keywords. An effective SEO Stats and analysis begins with a competitor’s research.

Meaning Of Seo Statistic

What do understand by SEO stats and Site Analysis?

A website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stats and Site analysis is a report that tells about the variables a site should be worked upon to enhance the website positioning on the web page. Seo analysis examination draws out various elements dependable, which could be simple fixes or may require an SEO organization to settle them. A SEO analysis report can give many factors that can be used by an SEO company to fix the crawling problems to enhance the site ranking.

Seo Stats and site Analysis

There are many amazing factors which Turnout Media consider before the execution of SEO on the website and targetting the focus keywords. These stats are beneficial for the further ranking of the website and ranking up in the Google SERP system. These stats are:

1. Age of Domain-

Seo analysis starts with Domain age factor. As we all know that an old business tells that how deeper the roots of the company have established, similarly domain age indicates the popularity of active time of a website or business. An old website must have some strong marketing that added some benefits to the SEO process.

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2. Organic keywords

Second Seo stats for seo analysis is Orgnaic Keywords. The effectiveness of SEO can also be determine by organic keywords provided in that site. Organic Keywords are those Keywords which have great popularity on the top 10 pages and are much used on the SERP system. There are various tools which help in suggesting various organic keywords like SEO profiler, SEM Rush, Key planner, etc.

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3. Paid Keywords

Paid Keywords is also a part of Seo analysis. Paid Keywords are the keywords offered by advertising campaign of search engine companies, these keywords are bit costlier but have splendid search results in ranking the website.

4. Paid Searches

Paid searches are the searches received by a website through Pay per click management services on search engines. The pay per click advertising is used by those website owners who are cable of investing in paid searches as advanced digital marketing stats. In Seo analysis we take all those paid keyword into consideration

Note:- Google Analytics helps in SEO Analysis a lot

5-Bounce Rate Calculation

It is the number per month in which the owner’s website is opened and quickly exited. The bounce rate calculates the activity of a single page of the website. Page designed and structure, poor content and insufficient information are the main factors that lead to an increase in bounce rate.

7-Backlink Checking

Backlink Checking Backlink check also plays an important part in SEO stats and site analysis for increasing the site ranking. In this process of SEO analysis, the backlinks from both On Page and Off Page are checked; and the broken links are eliminated or replaced.

6-Number of Sessions per page

 Number of page sessions refer to the number of clicks on the pages of a website per month. It indicates the popularity of the website on search engines. Higher the number of page session proportionally higher the popularity of the page

8-Organic traffic

The site searches received by the website through search engines due to its age and popular keywords used are term as Organic Traffic. This traffic can be category searches or branded searches.


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Seo stats and site analysis

Referring Domain

In seo stats and site analysis strategy these referring domains are third-party domains which give provide healthy backlinks to the owner’s website. It is term as the best and strong statistics for beneficial SEO process.

Average Time on website

If the structure of the website is awesome, there is a quality content with complete information help in getting the viewer and engaging them to the website content. But lacking these factors result in the viewer to quickly exit to the website. So, the average session per page of the website plays an important role in the SEO process. It can also conclude as the time period between opening and closing a URL

Website Analysis Score

Website score is the ranking of the website generated by the complete SEO report of search engines. This score determines upon website friendliness for all digital system like proper functioning all types of mobile, laptops, PC, tabs, etc. These scores can be: Below 40 – revision require, 40 to 60 – Poor visibilities, 60 to 70 – Some changes in SEO requires and above 70 refers to an excellent Website.

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Summary of Seo stats and Site Analysis

Seo stats and site Analysis is the most straightforward strategy to outrank your rivals. We investigate their SEO achievement, coordinate their standard in those areas where they are best and targeting their website. We can also check the activities they are doing on their focused keywords. So that we can perform much better operations on similar keywords or the same keywords with suitable prefix and suffix more strategically for ranking our website higher than them. The best SEO activity which SEO company can perform by itself without copying others is the Keyword research and keyword analysis. This can provide us with many undiscovered keywords which haven’t used by any competitor. Both of these practices come under the process of White Hat SEO with competitive excellent result without worrying penalization of your website.

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Advantages of SEO Stats and site analysis 
Key Benefits of using SEO strategies are:
  • Better Business stabilization
  • Enhanced organic activities on your website
  • Proficient promoting programs
  • Beating your rival for focused keywords
  • Enhanced transformations and popularity

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