Before discussing what is Search Engine Optimization, We have to understand what is a search engine and how it’s the function.

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Search Engine is a platform or medium, where people visits and searches for their queries. Search Engine shows the best result according to the search keyword.

Search Engine are Google, Yendex and, Bing are the librarians of the internet, their systems collect information about every page on the web so they can help people find exactly what they are looking for.

seo company in Delhi, Turnoutmedia

Now if you on a website search results matter, when your pages have higher rankings they help more people find you, the key to higher ranking is making sure your website has the content and keyword, search engine need for their crawling bot, this is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

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Search Engine Algorithm:             

1. words: search engines account for every word on the web, this way when someone searches for laptop repair, the search engines can narrow results to only the pages that are about those words.

2. Titles matter: each page on the web has an official title but you may not ever see it because it’s in the code. Search Engine pays a lot of attention to page title because they often summarize the page like a book’s title.

3. Links matter: links between website matter. When one web page links to another usually a recommendation telling readers this site has good information. A webpage or Website with a lot of links coming to it can look good to search engines. But some people try to fool the search engine by creating or by bogus links all over the web that point to their own website, Usually, Search Engine can detect when a site has a lot of them and they account for it by giving links from trustworthy sites, more weight on your web page.

4. words in links: The words that are used in links matter too. If your web page says, Amazon has lots of Shoes and the word books are linked, search engines can establish that amazon.com is related to the word books.

This way when someone searches for Shoes that site will rank well.

5. Reputation:  Search engine care about reputation. Sites with a consistent record of fresh engaging content and building numbers of quality links may be considered rising Domain authority and page authority and do well in search rankings These are just the basics and algorithm are refined and changed all the time. Good SEO is about making sure your website has great content that’s supported by the great content that Search engine needs for their algorithm.

This has been Search Engine Optimization as explained by Turnoutmedia, the best SEO company in Delhi

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