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Best SEO plugin in WordPress 2019, Seo plugin for WordPress :-Tags Updation, and seo analysis

Seo Plugins For WordPress:-
Introduction And Factors

Seo plugins for WordPress are numerous in number. Selecting the best  plugin for WordPress seo can be really tricky.  Plugin selection for seo also depend on the factor that if you want to purchase the plugin for WordPress or not. If You want to use the free version of the WordPress SEO plugin, there would be different options. If your site is new then selecting the plugin for WordPress seo will be done undertaking different consideration. You should know what is the speed of the website, what is the security status of the website, what is the indexing status of the website.

SEO plugin for wordpress

Best SEO plugin for WordPress should have the following quality:-

  1. The plugin should be able to verify the website on the google and other search engines like Google.
  2. WordPress plugin for SEO should have the specific set of utilities to update meta tags, title tag.
    Basically it should update the snippet for the web page.
  3. The plugin should be able to generate the dynamic XML site map and should be at least
    able to show the robot.txt
  4. The plugin should be able to tell the content quality for the web page of WordPress.
  5. If possible plugin should be able to tell the SEO score of the web page.
  6. The plugin should be able to tell the backlinks of the page.
  7. Also if possible should be able to monitor the site speed and tell possible
    improvements for increasing the site speed.

1. Yoast seo plugin for wordpress

Best plugin for WordPress seo by visibility

WordPress SEO by Yoast gives you a major advantage over editing your title tags, meta description tags. It also helps in checking others factor of SEO which are correct and which needed to be correct. Yoast SEO premium give you a better advantage over the free version obviously, but how?

The free version of WordPress SEO by Yoast works only for one keyword.

Note:- Although the free version would tell you about many factors. Yoast  tells that heading tags to have the focus keyword(which we set as per our targeting), meta tags have the focus keywords or not.

It will also tell you about the advanced features like:-

Internal link or links are present or not.

Meta description has keywords or not.

Introduction or first paragraph talks about the focus keyword or not


Are you targeting the same anchor text or not.

An external link is there or not, as per the Moz SEO guidelines you should have at least one external link.


Premium Yoast plugin advantages over the free version:-


Yoast SEO premium Optimize for keywords, keyphrases and synonyms, connected keywords and every one-word forms for better visibility.

Seo plugin for wordpress:- Comprehensive list of best plugin for wordpress seo in different Cateogeries. Yoast plugin for seo performance 2019. In Yoast SEO premium you can enter multiple keywords or key phrase you’d like your post or page to rank for within the search engine’s search results. Yoast SEO then runs a check on your web page’s content to determine whether or not the web page has good readability and are the creator is using all the key phrases in proper order and in the right quantity.

This plugin for WordPress seo checks the related keyword also so that you can have a better idea about LSI keyword targeting. A WordPress website has both post and page and this plugin work for both post and pages.

So this comprehensive WordPress plugin for SEO can help you optimize your website for better traffic. Though don’t be fooled to get conversion by it. Conversion of traffic into client will always depend upon the user experience and user engagement effort of the WordPress website.

NOTE:- Although Xml sitemaps are generated dynamically, they can also be generated through sites like

Search Engine verification

Detailed Seo Analysis by yoast

2. All in One Seo pack

All in One Seo pack:- WordPress Seo Plugin

There is one extra feature you have in All in one SEO pack which is an SEO plugin for WordPress. It gives you an option for entering more keywords than only just one.  Actually, this goes in the tag of Metas as:-


This tag is not taken into consideration as per the latest update of the google for effective search engine optimization. So it is a hit by the algorithmic update for better content and context of a web page. Which is designed while keeping in the thought that a page can be only good for the context of two or three topics and not for the bunch of topics. However, this meta keyword trick works well for search engine other than google for WordPress site.

All in one seo Vs Yoast Seo Plugin

All in one SEO pack also contains basic SEO optimization for the title tag, meta description tags and indexing status of the website. It also helps in making the site SEO friendly, but not as compared to yoast plugin for seo which tells us better optimization factors like internal links and external links, readability, etc.

So in the fight between Yoast and all in one SEO, Yoast wins the title of best plugin for WordPress seo. It proves as a better SEO tool for WordPress sites.

Both the above tools are doing the basic operation of Seo which is the tags updating and linking status. On-page, optimization doesn’t stop here.It also has factors like website speed, image optimization, database optimization, and mixed content removal.

Key features:-

  • Site-map updation
  • Tags updating like meta tags, title tags, etc.
  • Use the old method of meta keyword insertion

3. Really Simple SSl:- SSl and SEO plugin for WordPress

A WordPress plugin for forcing the https://  url so as to make your site secure.

 For this, you do not have to do a big fight. You just have to install this WordPress plugin and activates it. It will it itself find the CSR pasted request for the SSL in your associated domain. Then it will update the rewrite rule in the Config.php file. A good reson to use it is that it works from PHP file and not in the ht access file. I personally don’t prefer playing with ht access file as it can be very risky and can immediately bring your site down. In my word .Htaccess creates panic attacks.

Key Features:-

  • Activates ssl
  • Push https over http://
Simple SSL

Best Plugins FOR WORDPRESS Seo Cache handling With download link

4. Best Seo Plugin for WordPress Cache Handling:-
WP Fastes Cache

 Wp fastest cache is the plugin which I use personally on my website. And the reason why I use this plugin is that its configuration is very easy. More or less you just have to click on every setting button on the plugin settings and it will do your work. On more good advantage is that you can imply a manual timestamp rule for resources not taken automatically by the plugin in the cache.

Key features:-

  • Really simple configuration.
  • Css minification
  • Js minification
  • Gzip configuration
  • Manual timestamp addition for resources


Best Cache cleaner

5. Another great Seo Plugin for WordPress Cache Handling:-
W3 Total Cache

Note both W3 total cache and wp fastest cache is the speed optimization plugins.  Wp fastest cache is too easy to use and W3 total has more advanced configuration setting options like timestamp rule. So in my opinion both the plugin give Css, jss and gzip compression as fairly equally effective. Due to ease of use of the wp fastest cache wins the race in best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Key features:-

  • Advanced configuration
  • Manual timestamp addition
  • Runs on ht access rewrite rule for updating cached resources
W3 Total Cache
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6. Image compression WordPress SEO plugin.:- Smush.

Smush is one among the foremost widespread premium plugins created for the aim of compression and optimizing pictures. This triumph WordPress image optimizer takes pride in being capable of picture’s compression on your server mechanically with borderline loss of quality. What is more, the image improvement isn’t done on your servers that drops the load on your web site similarly, images are loaded from CDN.

The plugin scans all pictures on your web site and monitors future uploads. It simply strips spare knowledge from the photographs, compresses them and even resizes them if necessary. Smush may compress pictures specified on a given folder. It is additionally compatible with NextGen Gallery and lots of other alternative premium image WordPress connected plugins

Key features:

  • Lossless compression for optimizing image sizes with no holdup.
  • Compatible with JPEG, GIF and PNG image files.
  • Lets you set most width/height for pictures and pictures larger than the parameters are mechanically rescaled.
WP tools
WP tools

7. Database optimization plugin for WordPress SEO:-  WP-Optimize

An outstanding SEO plugin for WordPress with the capability of editing your database table for optimizing it. It takes out your old post revisions, spam comments and other weedy data from your WordPress database. It makes it better optimized for speed and user experience.

It has both the dry run option and real implementation option for database optimization.

So if you just want to test you can dry run and check how much useless data is there. I recommend to always take the backup of the database before doing the actual implementation. That way you will always have the option to go back to the previous version of the database.

Key Features:-

  • Optimize database tables.
  • Check for post revisions
  • Check for spam comments and unapproved comments.
  • Login data saved. And junk data removal
WP Optimization

8. Best plugin for WordPress mixed content issue correction:-
Better search and replace(Plugin):-

We often face the issue of mixed content error when we migrate the site from http:// To https://. These mixed content are the name of URL and http request going through the database. So this “ Better search and replace” plugin run an SQL query to find a particular string in the database. It also give you the ability to replace it with some other string.

Example:- You can search for http:// in the database and replace it with https://. This will remove the https from the database and hence the http requests will be updated.

Key features:-

  • Can run in dry mode and actual implementation mode.
  • It’s totally free.
Wordpress tools

Combos of Plugin for wordpres Seo

So doing a perfect SEO optimization we cannot use a particular tool because for limited options. True we need to update the tags which can be done by the Yoast SEO or all in one SEO. It is also true that these plugins alone are not enough.

You need to Speed up your website for that you need a plugin to update your cache settings, like wp fastest cache. Again you need to fight with mixed content and image optimization for page size improvement for better user experience and an improved Bounce rate.

So we can use a combination of Yoast SEO, Wp total, smush or a combination of all in one SEO pack, wp the fastest cache, smush. It can prove heavily effective in doing on page optimization.

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